Alan Jacobson takes Jess O’Brien to the Moon

Host Jess O’Brien of Martini Productions interviews Alan Jacobson about his latest OPSIG Team Black novel DARK SIDE OF THE MOON—and the research he had to do with a whole new set of experts to keep it real.

Authors Studio: Meet the Masters

International bestselling author Peter James sits down with Alan Jacobson to talk about Alan’s writing process, his advice for authors, where and how he writes, and more. Sit back and enjoy Peter James TV’s Authors Studio: Meet the Masters, featuring Alan Jacobson.

​Martini Productions Interview

Host Jessica Mazo of Martini Productions interviews Alan Jacobson at ThrillerFest about his two series, the OPSIG Team Black novels and the FBI profiler Karen Vail books—and the close quarters combat training he did in the Phoenix desert with Chris Kyle’s Craft International.

Books du Jour PBS NYC interview

Alan sits down with PBS’ Books du Jour host Frederic Colier to discuss the sixth Karen Vail novel, Spectrum, why he chose to take us back in time to Vail’s first day on the job with the NYPD as a beat cop—and his 9/11 dilemma.

Book Case TV interview

Alan talks with Book Case TV’s Frederic Colier about No Way Out, how he found himself face to face with a real FBI profiler more than two decades years ago, and how that profiler became instrumental in helping him shape all of the Vail novels.

Author Magazine interview

Alan sat down with Author Magazine in Seattle after the launch of The 7th Victim. In this interview, he provides tips for aspiring writers, some background on his writing method, and the creative process. Check out Alan's other book trailers and author interviews,...

FBI Profiler Mark Safarik & Author Alan Jacobson (Part 2)

FBI profiler Mark Safarik interviews Alan Jacobson about the Karen Vail novels, where the idea behind the Crush killer came from, the research he did with the "real" Karen Vail, SSA Mary Ellen O'Toole, and more. Watch part two below: Watch part three of the Mark...

FBI Profiler Mark Safarik & Author Alan Jacobson (Part 3)

In part three, Mark and Alan talk personal safety—and how to get their free eBook on staying safe. Mark then slips on his FBI hat...and Agent Safarik talks profiling—behavioral crime analysis—what it is, how it works, and what it is not. He dispels some...

FBI Profiler Mark Safarik & Author Alan Jacobson (Part 4)

In part four of the interview between FBI Profiler Mark Safarik and Author Alan Jacobson, Mark talks about what it's like sitting across the table from a serial killer. He also explains his work with the Vidocq Society and Forensic Behavioral Services International....

Fox6 News San Diego: The Hunted

USA Today bestselling author ALAN JACOBSON appears on San Diego’s Fox6 News to discuss THE HUNTED, his second novel and the first in the OPSIG Team Black series.

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