Book Trailers

No Way Out trailer

FBI Profiler Karen Vail returns in her fifth adventure, No Way Out, a high-stakes thriller set in England. Join Alan on location in London as he brings Karen Vail to your doorstep and touches on some of the problems Vail faces assimilating to the British culture—and the off-limits places Alan visited during the course of his research.

The 7th Victim trailer

Alan gives us insight into the mind of Karen Vail, the baggage she must deal with, and the challenges she faces with the Dead Eyes killer.

Crush trailer

​Karen Vail returns in Crush, which brings the esteemed profiler to the Napa Valley. Join Alan as he introduces us to the second Vail installment while on location where the novel takes place: the Napa County Sheriff’s Department, the county morgue, the wineries that appear in Crush—and the wine cave where one of the victims is found…

Inmate 1577 trailer

Watch the book trailer for Inmate 1577, the fourth novel in the Karen Vail series, featuring photos and videos from Alcatraz and San Francisco. ***** click on image to view video ***** Check out Alan's other book trailers and author interviews, including four with FBI...

Killer Instinct – Mark Safarik’s TV series

This is the trailer for season one of Mark Safarik's riveting TV series, Killer Instinct, which aired on NBC's Cloo network and Biography Channel. It's also available on iTunes. ***** click on image to view video ***** Check out Alan's other book trailers and author...

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