The Darkness of Evil | Karen Vail Novel Series #7 | A Book by Alan Jacobson

Dark Side of the Moon

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In 1972, Apollo 17 returned with 200 lbs of rock—and something far more dangerous than they could’ve imagined. For decades the US military kept the discovery secret…until now. Dark Side of the Moon is the latest award-winning, critically acclaimed OPSIG Team Black novel from USA Today bestselling author Alan Jacobson featuring covert operatives Hector DeSantos, Aaron Uziel—and FBI profiler Karen Vail—on a mission unlike any they’ve undertaken before…

Karen Vail Series

Karen Vail is no ordinary FBI agent.

She’s a profiler, brought to life by Alan Jacobson’s seven years of unprecedented access to, and research with, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. The Karen Vail series has been raved about by reviewers, readers, law enforcement officers of all stripes, real FBI profilers…and even one of the legendary founding fathers of the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico.

Karen Vail Novel Series | Karen Vail is no ordinary FBI agent. | Novels by Alan Jacobson

OPSIG Team Black Series Novels

America’s safety is on the line!

Missions the United States government cannot sanction–or acknowledge–fall under the purview of OPSIG, the Operations Support Intelligence Group, run out of a secret office in the basement of the Pentagon.

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Alan Jacobson

Meet Alan Jacobson

I’m often fascinated by how and why things happen—and how chance meetings and random occurrences, years later, can have an enormous impact on one’s life. There are many such examples to choose from, but I’ll share two with you because of the impact they had on my writing career.

FBI Profiler Mark Safarik & Author Alan Jacobson (Part 4)

In part four of the interview between FBI Profiler Mark Safarik and Author Alan Jacobson, Mark talks about what it's like sitting across the table from a serial killer. He also explains his work with the Vidocq Society and Forensic Behavioral Services International....

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Killer Instinct – Mark Safarik’s TV series

This is the trailer for season one of Mark Safarik's riveting TV series, Killer Instinct, which aired on NBC's Cloo network and Biography Channel. It's also available on iTunes. ***** click on image to view video ***** Check out Alan's other book trailers and author...

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Fox6 News San Diego: The Hunted

USA Today bestselling author ALAN JACOBSON appears on San Diego’s Fox6 News to discuss THE HUNTED, his second novel and the first in the OPSIG Team Black series.

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Recent Books by Alan Jacobson

The Darkness of Evil | A new novel by Alan Jacobson

The Darkness of Evil (Karen Vail #7)

The latest jaw-dropping thriller from USA Today bestselling author Alan Jacobson, featuring esteemed FBI profiler Karen Vail, on the hunt for an escaped serial killer …

Spectrum, a book by Alan Jacobson

Spectrum (Karen Vail #6)

Authoritative, compelling and crisp, Spectrum moves with a velocity that seems to make the pages turn themselves.

The Lost Codex | A novel by Alan Jacobson

The Lost Codex (OPSIG Team Black #3)

From the first page, you know you’re in the hands of a storyteller at the top of his game: The Lost Codex has nonstop action, living-breathing characters, rich detail …”

No Way Out | A novel by Alan Jacobson

No Way Out (Karen Vail #5)

“Jacobson mixes rocket-paced suspense with fascinating history in this thrill ride of a book.”

Hard Target | A novel by Alan Jacobson

Hard Target (OPSIG Team Black #2)

An enigmatic covert operative. A skilled FBI agent with a dark past. And a terror plot unlike any in history.

Innmate 1577 | A Novel by ALan Jacobson

Inmate 1577 (Karen Vail #4)

“Inmate 1577 is another rippin’ good ‘Alan Jacobson read’! Jacobson researches his books like a good newspaper reporter, and then pushes the envelope …”

Stand alone thrillers and short stories

False Accusations | A stand alone thriller by Alan Jacobson

False Accusations

“Alan Jacobson has crafted a riveting story with a truly frightening villainess. This is a terrific book!”
John Saul, New York Times bestselling author

Double Take | A stand alone Short Story by Alan Jacobson

Double Take

“Alan Jacobson writes with a sure hand, a strong voice, and a fine eye for detail.”
– Ridley Pearson, New York Times bestselling author

Fatal Twist | A stand alone Short Story by Alan Jacobson

Fatal Twist

“Karen Vail is a knockout, tough and brilliant.”
– Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author & creator of Rizzolli & Isles TV series

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As part of the ongoing research for my new book, I spent a few hours last week meeting with the Special Agent in Charge at one of the FBI’s busiest, and largest, field divisions in the country. And although I’ve been working closely with the Bureau for almost a...

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I saw an article yesterday about Vice President Pence flying cross-country on Air Force Two to attend the San Francisco 49ers game. Only he left during the national anthem--before the game began. And he told his secret service detail to keep the cars where they were...

Evil Exposed

The Darkness of Evil: what happens when a daughter discovers her dad is a serial killer? A couple of years ago I started wondering what it would be like for a daughter to discover that her father is a heinous murderer of women. What would she feel? Denial? Or a sudden...

Drop that weapon! You’re on Candid Camera

With the recent spate of clashes between law enforcement officers and citizens, many civil rights experts have stated that the outcome of the police investigation would’ve been different had the defendant possessed a video recording of the encounter. On the surface,...

Elmore Leonard

“Hey. Can I share something with you?”   Writing dialogue takes years of practice. I developed the ear during an experimental theater workshop during my English undergraduate studies at Queens College (that’s Queens as in New York, not England). My professor, Richard...

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