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The Darkness of Evil excerpt (Karen Vail #7)

The Darkness of Evil A Karen Vail Novel (#7) Copyright (c) 2017 Alan Jacobson. All Rights Reserved. Chapter 1   3901 NEBRASKA AVENUE NW   WASHINGTON, DC “Did he ever sodomize you?” The bright lights in the television studio bore down on Jasmine Marcks and...

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The Lost Codex excerpt (OPSIG Team Black #3)

The Lost Codex An OPSIG Team Black novel (#3) Copyright (c) 2015 Alan Jacobson. All Rights Reserved.   PROLOGUE   Wadi Qumran One mile Northwest of the Dead Sea The West Bank, Jordan August 6, 1953   Eylad Uziel walked carefully over the rough terrain...

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Spectrum excerpt (Karen Vail #6)

“Authoritative, compelling and crisp, Spectrum moves with a velocity that seems to make the pages turn themselves. Alan Jacobson creates a textured narrative which satisfies the reader on every level, placing vivid characters in an utterly convincing and dangerous world. A pleasure to read.”
—Richard North Patterson, New York Times Bestselling Author

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No Way Out excerpt (Karen Vail #5)

“The complexity of the plot mixed with the well-researched setting and Vail’s signature style, make for a fast-paced, thrilling read where Jacobson offers you the best ticket in town. No Way Out is explosive!”
—Suspense Magazine

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Hard Target excerpt

“A grand slam… Filled with action from beginning to end, Hard Target is Alan Jacobson’s best work to date… a just-shot-bullet-fast-moving thriller mirroring present-day concerns affecting our nation and her allies. If you’ve ever wondered about our government’s vulnerabilities, read Hard Target. It’s like shining a spotlight into a dark, dank, mysterious basement: You might be surprised at what you find hiding there.”
New York Journal of Books

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Inmate 1577 excerpt (Karen Vail #4)

“Jacobson’s latest Vail novel continues his streak of terrific mind-bending thrillers. The story line seems straightforward at first, but when the twists come, even the most hard-core thriller fans will not figure everything out. Jacobson should be mandatory reading for the James Patterson crowd; this is an essential addition to any fiction collection.”
Library Journal

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Velocity excerpt (Karen Vail #3)

Velocity is a rare and exquisite vintage of the genre, a thriller with heart and soul to go with its proverbial muscle. This is The Silence of the Lambs gone conspiratorial. Think Hannibal Lecter connected to some dastardly, Washington-spawned plot. Now that Thomas Harris’ rare writing has dissolved into drivel, Jacobson seems more than ready to replace him as king of the serial killer form.”
Providence Sunday Journal

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Crush excerpt (Karen Vail #2)

“Jacobson’s extensive FBI research background yields a gripping story laced with political underpinnings and dizzying twists that will have readers perched on the edge of their seats. In a style rivaling that of Patricia Cornwell or Harlan Coben, Jacobson surpasses his first Karen Vail thriller, The 7th Victim. Essential for suspense aficionados.”
Library Journal

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The 7th Victim excerpt (Karen Vail #1)

Karen Vail is no ordinary FBI agent. She’s a profiler, brought to life by Alan Jacobson’s seven years of unprecedented access to, and research with, the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. The 7th Victim has been raved about by reviewers, readers…even one of the founding fathers of the real Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Library Journal named The 7th Victim one of the Top 5 Best Books of the Year (2008). So step into the world of Karen Vail and discover a character James Patterson called “as compelling as any created by Patricia Cornwell, or yours truly.”

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The Hunted excerpt

The Hunted is a wild page-turning ride through all kinds of interesting turns and corners and unexpected twists. The characters are so well fleshed out and well-developed that they live. It’s a well put-together and well thought-out book, one I guarantee you’re not going to put down.”
–National Public Radio

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