You’re now caught you up on what happened after I handed in my copyedits for Crush. But what else have I been doing? Well, LOTS. To borrow from a cliché (because I can’t use them in my novels, and sometimes they’re fun to throw around), it’s been pedal to the metal. Here’s what’s been going on, in a nutshell (and I’m leaving stuff out because I can’t remember it all!)…

With Crush now “in the can” and rolling off the printing press, the task of promoting it—letting people know it’s out there—is crucial. My publisher is unusual in that it encourages (and requires) authors to be involved in the promotion process. In sum, promotion has been going on for months. I’ve written material that’ll be used to promote the novel…for websites, like AuthorBuzz, for blogs, and other web-based venues; I’ve worked with my publisher to rewrite and finalize the jacket text (the descriptive passage that’s on the book flap); I worked extensively with the Audio publisher to select the best voice actor, listening to clips of actresses who’d make the best Karen Vail (talk about tough!); I’ve notified key people of Crush’s release and had galleys sent (or sent them myself) to reviewers, booksellers, and others; worked with one of the Napa Valley wineries mentioned in Crush to coordinate our big book launch event.

I’ve worked with my publicist on polishing the press release; updated my website, and prepared my newsletter (yes, I’m way behind on that); been on the time vacuum (I mean Facebook), fiddled with Twitter; shot interviews with FBI Profiler Mark Safarik regarding the writing of Crush; shot an interview with regarding advice for aspiring writers, as well as an interview about Crush; shot a commercial (“book trailer”) in the Napa Valley (12 hours to get 2 minutes of footage!).…worked with my publicist on constructing the book tour; called booksellers I met during The 7th Victim tour…(I’m out of breath here)…

What else? So much I forget. But off the top of my head: I went to NYC for Thrillerfest to promote Crush and to sit on panels, meet fans and colleagues; met with my agent to discuss new projects; met with my publisher to discuss the current state of the book industry and items related to Crush’s launch; submitted an application to sit on a panel at Bouchercon–then, once I was named a moderator, coordinated our panel’s talk; spoke with a law enforcement officer about a collaborative nonfiction book we may write…and, oh yeah, I’ve been writing the sequel to Crush!

About that…I’ve spent a ton of time researching the story, worked with numerous federal agents (and completed and filed applications for access because I’ve never worked with one particularly sensitive federal agency); I’ve traveled to the cities where the novel is set so I could walk (and run) through the places Karen Vail and her colleagues walk and run through.

Am I ready for a vacation? Yes—but, no. Crush launches 9/22, so my book tour starts soon. See you in the stores…or on the shelves.

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