I continue to receive questions about the art of writing and the process of getting published. Though I can no longer devote time to reading writers’ unpublished manuscripts, I still wanted to help. This collection of articles, FAQs, and tips is designed to provide a resource for aspiring writers. More information and features will be added as time permits. —Alan

“I’m used to hard work and rejection. But when you reach fifty-three without a published novel to your credit you begin to doubt your own sanity….I really needed the encouragement I found on your website today. Thank you.” — K.D., Ohio

The topics covered in these pages include (use the Writer’s Toolkit pull-down menu):

► Agents | Doing research for your writing
► Writing, publishing, and marketing your book
► Contracts – what’s reasonable, and what to avoid
► The business of publishing: what you earn and when you get it
► Protecting yourself: Copyright – how it works, what it means

DISCLAIMER: Any “advice” or information provided on this website is based on the author’s experience and knowledge, and is intended only as background and for purposes of general interest. It is NOT LEGAL ADVICE, and could be incorrect. If you have questions about this information, how it applies to your particular situation, or anything else of a legal nature, CONSULT AN ATTORNEY.