Below is the Reading Group Guide for The Lost Codex. If you haven’t read the novel yet, save these questions until you have finished it because they contain spoilers.

Use the following topics to launch into a stimulating discussion:

1. What did you enjoy most about The Lost Codex?
2. Was the plot engaging? Did the story interest you?
3. Would you consider The Lost Codex to be a plot-driven book (fast-paced page-turner), or does the story unfold slowly with a focus on character development? Or would you consider it a good mix of both?
4. Was there one character in particular you found yourself drawn to? If you had the opportunity to spend time with any of the characters, who would it be?
5. The Lost Codex takes place in multiple countries and cities. Did the settings come to life for you? Have you ever been to any of the locations in the novel? If so, did you find yourself walking down the streets again? If you haven’t been to any of these places, which would you like to visit? How did the settings affect your enjoyment of the book?
6. If you could ask Alan Jacobson one question about The Lost Codex, its characters, the plot, his research…what would it be?
7. How did you feel about the ending? Were you satisfied with how it resolved?
8. Did you learn something you didn’t know before reading The Lost Codex? What was it?
9. Much of the historical information mentioned in this book is true. Do you believe that unearthed historical documents and the information they contain should be available to everyone or do you believe the past should stay in the past and has no bearing on the present?
10. Alan Jacobson writes fiction, but loves to put a great deal of factual information in his novels. Does this enhance your enjoyment of his books or not?
11. Black ops are a little known function of the US military that has proven vital to protecting national security. Such covert missions are understandably controversial because of their lawless nature. Do you believe they should be a tool deployed to serve our nation’s interests and protect our citizens?
12. If something were to be discovered that disproved the existence of God, as you believe God to be, would you lose your faith? Do you believe it would have a huge impact on the world and our way of life? Why or why not?

Note from Alan: If you’re interested in what really happened to the Aleppo Codex after it left Syria, read Matti Friedman’s book, The Aleppo Codex: In Pursuit of One of the World’s Most Coveted, Sacred, and Mysterious Books. Although it’s nonfiction, it reads like a first-rate suspense novel. I highly recommend it.