Velocity (Karen Vail novel #3)

One of Library Journal‘s Top 5 Best Books of the Year
Vanguard Press (hardcover, paperback), 2010
Open Road (eBook), 2014

“From the first page, Velocity is as relentless as a bullet. Karen Vail is my kind of hero and Alan Jacobson is my kind of writer!”
–Michael Connelly, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Jacobson captures the complexity of the mission faced by DEA, the threat posed to our country, and the constant danger our agents face battling members of international drug trafficking organizations. As someone who devoted his career to carrying out that mission, I can say first-hand that Velocity hits the target.”
–Supervisory Special Agent Michael Upchurch, Drug Enforcement Administration (ret)

Most people dream of going to the Napa Valley. FBI Profiler Karen Vail can’t wait to get the heck out of there.

Velocity, the third novel featuring FBI Profiler Karen Vail (after Crush), is a high octane thriller that Michael Connelly describes as “Relentless as a bullet.” In keeping with Alan Jacobson’s page-turning style, Velocity is a memorable work with rich, believable characters and an intricately plotted story that’s well-researched and fitting for today’s times. It’s more than a novel. It’s a mind-bending emotional roller coaster…

Velocity begins the moment Crush ends, with Vail having lost something dear to her and possessing a single-minded fixation to find who was responsible—and make them pay. As the task force attempts to regroup, Vail discovers that they had made vital mistakes on the Crush Killer case—errors that have proven costly. After being ordered to return to Washington, Vail enlists the services of a covert “black” government operative, Hector DeSantos, to assist her in tracking down those behind the evil she and her task force have been grappling with.

But what Vail and DeSantos learn places her in the crosshairs of criminals more dangerous than any she has ever faced. And along the way, startling revelations emerge that will forever change Karen Vail—as well as those close to her.

Researched meticulously with over three dozen experts in multiple disciplines and with government access that required clearance from a Congressional subcommittee, Velocity takes you behind closed doors into a world most people don’t know exists.

Velocity was named one of the year’s Top 5 Best Books of the Year (Library Journal).

Note: Velocity is best enjoyed after reading Crush.

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