The 7th Victim cover

The 7th Victim (Karen Vail novel #1)

One of Library Journal‘s Top 5 Best Books of the Year

Vanguard Press (2008): Hardcover, paperback, eBook

Open Road (reissue, 2014): eBook

“In the fictional world of criminal profilers, Karen Vail is a knockout, tough and brilliant. In The 7th Victim she truly meets her match, and the twists and turns will astonish you.”
— Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author

“Surprising revelations provide a shocking finale. The author’s seven years of study with the FBI’s profiling unit have helped him craft a riveting, authentically detailed thriller that will ensnare readers. Strongly recommended for all popular fiction collections.”
Library Journal

In FBI Profiler Karen Vail’s debut novel, Vail battles the Dead Eyes killer—and personal demons—in the profiling unit’s backyard. Vail discovers that the seventh victim holds the key to all that stirs this killer…the key that unlocks secrets too painful for Vail to bear, secrets that threaten to destroy her career. For Vail, the truth lies at the heart of a lie.

Meticulously researched over a period of seven years with the FBI profiling unit, Alan Jacobson packs The 7th Victim with twists and turns—and a shockeroo ending you won’t see coming.

Real-life FBI profiling legend Robert Ressler said that “The 7th Victim redefines the genre…with dead-on accuracy. Alan Jacobson has not only written a gripping, twisting thriller, he’s created a must-read book.”

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