OPSIG Team Black medallion

America’s safety is on the line. Dangerous missions need to be carried out. But they can’t be traced back to the United States. Who gets the call?

Missions the United States government cannot sanction–or acknowledge–fall under the purview of OPSIG, the Operations Support Intelligence Group, run out of a secret office in the basement of the Pentagon. Hector DeSantos, a covert Special Forces operative introduced in The Hunted, teams up with his OPSIG colleagues–including FBI Agent Aaron “Uzi” Uziel and FBI profiler Karen Vail–to keep America safe from terror attacks, international assassins, rogue governments intent on doing the US harm, and other threats the public will never know about. So dig in and meet the OPSIG Team Black men and women in stories that a real Navy SEAL described as, “Incredibly realistic. This is how we did it in the SEAL teams.”